sustainable project management

21 Nov

What is the Green Project Management Certification?

sustainable project management
PRiSM Practitioner

The Green Project Manager PRiSM (Projects Integration Sustainable Methods) Practitioner Certification is a professional certification program designed for project managers who specialise in sustainability and environmental management. It focuses on integrating sustainable practices and principles into project management processes, enabling project managers to deliver environmentally responsible and socially conscious projects.

The certification is recognised globally and demonstrates a project manager’s commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship. It enhances their professional credentials and increases their employability in sectors that value sustainable practices, such as renewable energy, construction, infrastructure development, and corporate sustainability initiatives.

The certification program is based on the PRiSM methodology, which provides a framework for managing projects with a strong emphasis on sustainability. It encompasses various aspects of project management, including planning, execution, monitoring, and control, with a specific focus on integrating sustainable practices throughout each phase of the project lifecycle.

By obtaining the Green Project Manager PRiSM Practitioner Certification, project managers will gain a deep understanding of sustainability principles and best practices, enabling them to lead projects that have a positive impact on the environment and society. Project Managers will understand how to:

  • identify and address environmental risks
  • evaluate the social and economic implications of projects
  • implement strategies to reduce carbon footprint, conserve resources, and promote social equity.

As well as standard project concepts the program covers topics such as:

  • sustainable concepts
  • how projects can drive sustainable change
  • sustainable procurement for projects
  • sustainable management plans for projects
  • stakeholder engagement for sustainability
  • product/project lifecycle assessment


Participants learn how to incorporate these sustainable aspects into project planning and execution, risk management, team collaboration, and project reporting.

The PRiSM practitioner supports and enhances other methodologies such as Prince2, IPM and PMI or can be used as a standalone project management methodology.


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