What I do

  • Understand – I meet with you or talk to you by phone to gain an understanding of your requirements for PMO setup. The discussion will be based on your challenges prioritizing and delivering projects in your organisation.
  • Questionnaire – I will send you a brief questionnaire to help you and I to assess your current PPM capabilities and requirements for the workshop.
  • Approach – Tailored 1-day bespoke workshop classroom or online, based on your specific requirements for your PMO. I will use a range of learning methodologies including exercises, discussion, and application of the learning to your own environment.


Morning – Overview of Projects, Programmes, PMO and Operations

  • Benefits and value of PPM to an organisation
  • What is a PMO?
  • PMO standards and best practice guidance
  • Organisational structures and how PPM and PMO fits in
  • PMO Value and purpose
  • Risk factors and why PMOs fail
  • Developing your PMO brief
  • Roles and governance in the PMO


Afternoon – Workshop

  • Produce your PMO business case
  • Identifying your PMO value proposition and purpose
  • Identifying you Key PMO services and roles

Key deliverables:

  1. A one-day workshop
  2. An understanding of how to set up a PMO in your organisation

Key benefits:

  1. An understanding of how to set up your PMO
  2. A head start to your PMO delivery
  3. Improved decision making for setting up your PMO
  4. Increased success rate for your projects
  5. Increased focus on your critical projects