Are you an executive, business owner or senior manager seeking advice and support for a large programme of work?

What I do

I will provide you with that much-needed sounding board to bounce off ideas and ask you the questions that make you stop and start thinking about your project challenges in different, more creative ways. Also, I will:

  • Help you to assess your strengths and weaknesses for managing projects
  • Provide advice for your project plans including scoping, scheduling and budget setting
  • Advise on handling senior stakeholders and project teams
  • Assist you with prioritising your project list to achieve the best value
  • Provide guidance on handling challenging projects
  • Advise you on good risk management and change control techniques and procedures
  • Work with your teams to identify strengths, weaknesses and areas for improvement and facilitate the team to improve their work ethic


How it works

Coaching can be booked in one/two-hour sessions on an ad-hoc basis or weekly set times

Sessions are delivered remotely using G-Suite, MS Teams or Zoom.

All sessions must be paid in advance on a monthly basis

Topics listed here are a guide only please avail of the one-hour consultation initially if you wish to discuss your needs

Who this service is for:

  1. Non-Project Persons including executives, business owners, senior operations managers, principal officers and workstream leaders
  2. Project and programme management professionals