A PWC study of over 10,600 projects found that only 2.5% of businesses complete their projects 100% successfully.

There are many reasons why you need a PMO but the best way to understand is to understand the benefits of a PMO.

Strategic Benefits

  • Increase return on investment through early release of products
  • Enhanced execution of business strategy
  • Enhanced alignment of strategy to delivery
  • Sector competitive advantage
  • Reliable delivery of products to market
  • Improved quality of products delivered through consistency
  • Transformational change programmes delivered with consistency and predictability

Tactical Benefits

  • Consistency and reliability of project delivery
  • Improved project prioritisation leading to less waste
  • Better use of project data feeding into the organisation for improved decision making
  • Standardisation of processes and procedures
  • Increased project transparency
  • Senior stakeholder engagement
  • Projects capacity planning

Project Team Benefits

  • Expert supports, i.e. risk management, planning, change control and business case writing etc
  • Administrative support, i.e. files, templates, meeting management and configuration management
  • Coaching and training support enhancing team skills
  • Project assurance
  • Project promotion
  • Project championing