What I do?

Meet with you to gain an understanding of your business needs. It is vital that I gain an understanding of what your organisation needs in relation to PPM the types of projects that you deliver and what your prominent challenges are. This is an important first step in the process and will enable me to focus on what your needs are. It is beneficial to have a number of your key stakeholders at the meeting to help identify your PPM challenges and where your gaps may be. I will lead the meeting and guide you through a facilitated workshop to gain an understanding of your current state and future state PPM requirements. I will do this through standard questionnaires and survey based around your organisation needs. The proforma will be sent to you prior to our meeting for your input. This will give you the opportunity to reflect on the questions and help greatly and feed into the workshop.

Provide following the initial meeting and completion of the proforma I will begin an assessment of your current PPM capability. I will do this based on your processes, systems, personnel, management and governance current in place. This would be similar to a business capability review but focused on PPM only. The assessment will be based on the P3M3 best practice model (insert link) and will measure your current state capability and where the gaps are. I will provide you with a gap analysis report. The gap analysis will be based on the core elements of what is considered to be good PPM practice including personnel, process, tools and governance. This report will include recommendations for the type of methodology (PMI/Prince2) to be rolled out and which domains to focus on (planning, control etc)

Assist At this point we will understand the way forward for your organisation. The next stage is to clarify the steps for implementation. In this sage I will assist and lead you through the steps to identify and define your roadmap for the methodology rollout. Identify a roadmap for the rollout by:

  • mapping out your current and desired project workflows
  • collecting all current templates, processes and procedures
  • holding a series of workshops to determine the good and the not so good
  • producing a road map for delivery

The road map will be a high-level plan to implement the methodology and I will help you identify the key elements such as start and end dates, stages, milestones and major deliverables.

Support This step is about getting into the detail of the implementation. I strongly recommend the implementation is carried out as a project. Here I will support you with the scoping of the work to be done through brainstorming sessions if required with key stakeholders and provide you with a set of templates. The scope will be broken down in visual form using a WBS to identify a series of detailed work packages. I will facilitate brainstorming sessions if required. Once this has been approved I will support you with the identification of the schedule of activities and a plan will be produced on Microsoft Project or similar tool of your choosing. I will facilitate a risk identification session during this step

Lead Once all stakeholders have signed off on the plan for implementation I will lead the project. You will have identified the project team (I can fully resource the project if required) who will deliver on the scope of the project within the timeframe. I will monitor, control and report on progress using KPIs. I will also update senior stakeholders as agreed, advise you on possible constraints and risks and present options to maintain the project integrity. During this period I recommend conducting frequent lessons sessions

Train and mentor If your organisation lacks suitably trained and experienced project personnel to deliver the implementation project I can assist you with training sessions including certifications and also put a mentoring programme in place to assist the team with the tasks for project delivery. Training will be dependent on the type of methodology being considered such as Prince2 or PMI. I can supply training for project managers, programme managers and steering committee members

Key deliverables:

  1. A defined standardised project methodology including processes procedures, and governance structure tailored to suit your needs
  2. A comprehensive set of templates
  3. Advice and assistance on choosing best project software tools

Who this service is for:

  1. Are you an operations manager struggling to deliver your projects with consistency?
  2. Are you constantly reinventing wheels and failing to learning your lessons?

Key benefits:

  1. Improved efficiencies in delivering projects
  2. Increased capacity to deliver projects due to standardisation
  3. Reduced business and project risk through better management of projects
  4. Better predictability for project delivery