25 Jul, 2020

Plan your project for success


Identify your requirements
Define your scope
Determine your schedule and budget


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24 Jul, 2020

Control your project


Review your project plan
Identify and agree controls
Chair project meetings


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23 Jul, 2020

Manage your project


Agree success criteria
Create your project plan
Control and deliver your project


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22 Jul, 2020

Coaching for confidence


Providing a much-needed sounding board to bounce off ideas and ask the questions that make you stop and start thinking about your project challenges in different, more creative ways.


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21 Jul, 2020



Creating a robust project plan
Scheduling for beginnners
Agile techniques for projects
Managing project teams


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20 Jul, 2020

Project Office Setup


Needs analysis
Capability assessment
Design improvement plan
Deliver the project plan


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