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22 Feb

Do you know about the new ISO guidance for Project Management?

What is ISO 21502:2020?

ISO 21502:2020 is a guide document on the framework and processes of project management.

ISO 21502 is a major update to and replaces ISO 21500:2012. Unlike its predecessor, it is a holistic standard for project management covering the practices needed for all the roles from project sponsor or director to project team members.


Who is it suitable for?

It is designed so that users can develop their own processes. Many different methods such as PMI and Prince2 processes, can be applied. Project delivery approaches such as predictive, adaptive or agile can be used with the standard.

ISO 21502 is based on the Project Management Institute (PMI) best practice methodology at a basic level. It is suitable for any type of organisation and any type of project irrespective of complexity or size.


Why should your business gain the Certification?

Compliance with ISO 21502 has many advantages with an overriding advantage of Increased ROI for businesses who strive to gain a competitive edge on their competitors.

  1. Well executed project management increases efficiencies through better resource management.
  2. Increasing efficiencies lead to increased project throughput and control of business change initiatives.
  3. Faster product development times gives a competitive edge
  4. Added Certification provides advantages in competitive tendering.
  5. Improved PM systems avoid costly “reinventions” and “unlearned lessons”.
  6. Certification is evidence to your business partners and customers that you possess the necessary knowledge, systems and skills to deliver projects with confidence.


Using ISO 21502:2020 in practice

ISO 21502:2020, is a good basis on which to develop a project-specific method as it is holistic and includes sufficient detail to start defining your own processes. It is designed to fit with your current methods whether PMI, Prince2 or inhouse methods.


How do I achieve certification?

Appoint an experienced project manager in your organisation to apply the guidance to your methodology in use. When ready for assessment appoint an external assessor to review and authenticate your compliance.

If you don’t have a project management methodology or the capability to implement this and would like to discuss this further, why not avail of a one hour free consultation with CleereProjectOffice to discuss your requirements.

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